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Paddy goes to America for the first time, walking up 5th avenue he sees a building on fire & rushes over to see people stuck at the 4th floor windows, he shouts “I am paddy O”Neil an Irish rugby player, jump and ill catch ya, a girl jumps and paddy catches her, a guy jumps and paddy gets him too, then a black guy jumps and paddy lets him hit the concrete, Paddy shouts come on now stop Fucking about, there is no point in throwing out the burnt ones.

Free Irish ( well gypsy ) Joke

Big fight at a gypsy wedding in Ireland.

Goes to court and the judge says, “can anyone explain what happened”

Paddy says I can I was the best man and I was dancing with the bride,

we were dancing quite close when the groom stormed up and kicked the bride in the fanny,

I see says the judge, that must have hurt.

Bloody right he broke 3 of my fingers

Dont know what this has to do with the Irish but I like its and most of all its true.......... Yeah you know

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