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If you like funny animal pictures and all for free, cute kittens, pics of stupid people etc then this section of our free adult jokes website is for you.  Here you will find hundreds of pictures of funny animals and stupid people doing stupid things and hurting themselves. This going to be the biggest best and greatest collection of funny animal pictures and jokes on the Internet. Once again I will rabbit on ( hahah rabbit that a funny animal ) about how great this jokes website is so Google and the other search engines will find it. It is ridiculous  that I have to do this but what is the point in having a website full of the best Funny pictures of these cute animals if no  one can find the site.

The criteria from the search engines is  that they will now only search and display websites with over 300 words containing things about the content of the site so this is why I am going on and on just to get a ranking with the big boys. So as part of the rant I will also let you know that this site is about all jokes and funny pictures some about animals doing cute and funny things like in this section of the website. Anyway that is about enough words of wisdom from me the creator of the greatest free jokes website in the world. Please go ahead and enjoy the biggest and best collection of free funny pictures of animals doing stupid and cute things. What is a meme. I have no idea what a meme is but some people call  these pictures and jokes memes so ???? Well I really dont know what to say. My 300 words are just about up I have crammed in the words Free Animal Pictures and jokes so hopefully the bullyboys that are the search engines will give my site a chance to rank so you can enjoy all  that I give. So bey for now and enjoy the jokes.

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