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Q: What do you call a chav in a suit?
A: fucking cunt.
Don't let the suit fool you.

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Q: Two chavs in a car going 80 mph. Who's driving?
A: Stevie Wonder, hopefully.

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Chav Scousers kept scratching my girlfriend's car and my car when we parked them on the drive, so she told me to keep them locked in the garage for a few weeks.
Just asking: should we feed the bastards or not?

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Q: Did you hear about the Chav who got into University?
A: Someone left a window open

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Q)What do you call a chav in a church
a) holyshit

Free Chave Jokes 1

Young girls askes her chavette mother when she is washing up.

Mummy why are your hands so soft.

Coz iam Twelve says the chavette

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