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Here are some things chavs have shouted at me, which are either ironic or make no sense

''Oi mate, you're gay!'' - Shouted to me while i was walking down the town with my girlfriend, by three bald men who spend their day together in a small car.

''Oi mate, have you ever heard of a hairdresser?'' Shouted to me by a ginger chav with curly hair.

''What the hell are you wearing!?'' Shouted to me by a chav in a multi coloured jumpsuit (I was in jeans and a t-shirt)

''Look at the head on you!'' Shouted at me, as if it was illegal to have a head.

''Look at the state of you!'' Idaho?


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Chav walks into a library and asks for a book on suicide.

Librarian says "Here you go, enjoy!"

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I run a chav over the other day, i had to go through 3 fields and five fences but i got the bastard in the end!

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Chavs have smaller brains than normal people. A well known fact, but unproven.

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