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Free Chav Joke 1

What's the most confusing day of the year for a chav?
Father's day

Free Chav Joke 2

Where does a female chav go to lose weight?
The abortion clinic.

Free Chav Joke 3
If you hit a Chav at 20mph there's a good chance he'll live.

If you hit a Chav at 30mph there's still a good chance he'll live.
But.... If you've stopped driving like a fanny, put your foot down, and went over 40mph,
there's a fucking good chance you'll kill the cunt!
THINK! Before you slow down!

Free Chav Joke 4

My chav cousin came round this morning.
Shame. If I'd hit him harder he'd still be out cold.

Free Chav Joke 5
What do you call a female chav with two brain cells?

Free Chav Joke 6
I looked out in my garden this morning and there was a chav fumbling with the lock to my shed.
Give it a couple of days and I might let him out.

Free Chav Joke 7
What do you call a Chav in a tastefully decorated house?
A burglar.

Free Chav Joke 8
What do you call a chav in a suit?
A fucking cunt.
Don't let the suit fool you.

Free Chav Joke 9

Two chavs in a car going 80 mph. Who's driving?
Stevie Wonder, hopefully.

Free Chav Joke 10

Chavs kept scratching my girlfriend's car and my car when we parked them on the drive, so she told me to keep them locked in the garage for a few weeks.
Just asking: should we feed the bastards or not?

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