The chav is a well hated animal so its ok for us to laugh at them.

This site hates chavs that is why it is full of jokes and funny pictures ridiculing the bunch of twats.

Its laugh at a free chav jokes day.

Free Chav Joke 10

Q) What do you call a chav with no name?
A) It doesn't matter, he's still a wanker.

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Q) what do you call a chav with 3 brain cells?
A) Gifted

Free Chav Joke 9 Chave jokes

Q) Whats so bad about 3 chavs going over a clif in a peugeot 106/ Vuaxhall Nova?
A)You cn fit 4 chavs in a peugeot 106/ Vuaxhall Nova

Free Chav Joke 10 Chave jokes

Q)what do you call a chav in a sweet shop?

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Q: Did you hear about the Chav who got into University?
A: Someone left a window open

Free Chave Jokes 1

Q)What do you call a chav in a church
a) holyshit

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