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Every day in the UK 67.2 chavs die from over consumption of Tesco value vodka.................
Every little helps.

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Dear Chavs.
You were born with 8 fingers and 2 thumbs, why do you need 27 fucking sovereign rings?

Chav joke 7
What does a chav give his girlfriend on the first date? Chlamydia

Chav joke 8
If I shot 100 chavs with a gun, and enjoyed it, what would you call it...?
Sadistic? Murder? A massacre?
I'd call it a start

Chav joke 9

Entertaining the United Kingdom with Comedy Deaths since 1980

Chav joke 10

They have just opened a new chav only swimming pool.
Surely they should call it a brothel...... where else can you find 50 wet twats needing a pounding?

My friend is a doctor, he said that to prove that chavs have smaller brains than normal humans we would have to spend a lot of time with different chavs and an MRI scanner, he also estimated that an experiment like this could cost in excess of £1000.

Turns out a baseball bat does the job for £20.

Free Chave Jokes 1

Young girls askes her chavette mother when she is washing up.

Mummy why are your hands so soft.

Coz iam Twelve says the chavette

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