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Free Chav Jokes.

Just what is a chav joke. It basically like a Scouse or pikey joke.

A chav is just a robbing thieving Twat who lives on benefits, smokes and swears a lot no wonder we have made up loads of jokes about them.

10 greatest free chav jokes:

Chav Joke 1

What’s the difference between a Chav girl and the Grand Old Duke of York?
The Grand Old Duke of York only had ten thousand men

Chav Joke 2

How do you save a Chav's life?
Get your hands off his throat

Chav Joke 3
How do you get a chav to wear a condom?
Put a Nike logo on it

Chav Joke 4
what do you call two chavs driving off a cliff in a minibus?
a wasted opportunity

Chav Joke 5

Q. Two chavs, Dwayne and Tommy race their Novas over a cliff to see who hits the bottom first. Who wins?
A. Society.

Chav Joke 6

What is a chav's definition of protected sex?
A bus shelter.

Chav Joke 7

Rope, £15
Timber £200
Hanging a chav? Priceless. For everything else theres mastercard.

Chav Joke 8

Q. What's the difference between a chav and a park bench?
A. The park bench can support a family of four.

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Free Chav Jokes

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