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Dumb Blonde and gun joke

A distraught young blonde woman suspects her boyfriend of cheating on her
In a fit of anger she drives to a local pawn shop and buys a gun
She shows up at his apartment unexpectedly, slams opens the door, and sure enough he�s naked in the arms of a beautiful redhead.
This angers her so much she can no longer control her emotions.
The blonde opens her purse and pulls out the gun she bought earlier.
As she takes aim, grief overcomes here and she points the gun at her own head.
No, honey don't do it yells the boyfriend.
Shut up,she says. You are next.

Q: How did the blonde burn her chin?

A: Bobbing for French fries.

Q: What do you do when a blonde throws a pin at you?

A: Run like hell....she's got a hand grenade in her mouth.

Q: What's the difference between a pit bull and a blonde with PMS?

A: Lipstick.

Q: What do a bowling ball and a blonde have in common?

A: Sooner or later they'll both end up in the gutter.

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