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As this section of called Free Blonde Jokes it doesn't take a genius to work out what is in this part of my website. If you came here looking for anything that is not part of the best collection of Free Dumb Blonde Jokes and Adult humour then really you are a bit thick. For the bright spark amongst you, you will realise you have stumbled across the largest collection of Free Dumb Blonde and Adult jokes anywhere on the Internet.

More of my favourite free blonde jokes

Q: Why do blondes leave empty milk cartons in the fridge?
A: In case someone wants black coffee.

Q: Why are blonde jokes so stupid?
A: So brunettes can get them!

Q: What does a blonde say after she knocks over an antique vase that is priceless and it cracks on the ground?
A: "It's Okay daddy, I'm alright"

Q: What do blondes and cow patties have in common?
A: The older they get the easier they are to pick up.

Q: What would a blonde say if you asked her what the score was?
A: 24 to 28, tie.

The popular blonde cheerleader bounced into the local card shop, looked around, then approached the clerk. "Do you have any, like, real special birthday cards?" she asked. "Yes, we do," he replied. "As a matter of fact, here's a new one. It's inscribed, "To the Boy Who Got My Cherry." "Wow, neat!" she squealed. "I'll take the whole box."

Q: What do you call a line of blondes standing ear to ear.
A: A wind tunnel.

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