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This section is full of Adult jokes and just like the rest of the site everything is free.

I am going to ramble on a a bit about the site and its pages of jokes for adults because Google insist on at least 500 words on your website to even get it ranking but at least a can type the words myself all for free. So please use this link and go to the first page of the best jokes all for free on the internet before you go mad reading this complete rubbish that I have to put up so you wonderful people can even find my site. Its just goes to show the power they have over the internet. It doesnt matter if my site is better and bigger and has more jokes of all kind to please my readers all the search engines are looking for is big sites with lots of words. So I know you are not reading this rubbish but you should still be able to enjoy all of me jokes and funny pictures for free because at least you will be able to find them as an adult who uses the internet.

Why make a free website full of adult jokes.

I first had the idea for the website around 2008 back then I created the website and uploaded it with the best jokes and funny pictures I could find. The whole purpose of the site is to make people laugh and possibly cheer them up in times when things might be getting a bit hard because of the recession caused by the labour government. I always had it in mind to offer all  the jokes for free and at first it was just a project to make a site full of Adult jokes and funny pictures. It was obvious that things were going to be difficult for a long while before the country gets back on to its feet again. This is when the best free adult jokes website was born.

More free jokes about dumb blonde girls.

As the site got bigger and I trawled the Internet for more and more jokes I then started to add more categories such as free dumb blonde jokes. This category now is possibly the largest on the site. This section of my site is still free and many of the jokes about dumb blonde girls are quite adult in nature. The section of blonde jokes on the site has over 30 pages all dedicated to blonde jokes. The section also have hundreds of funny pictures of dumb blonde girls and once more all for free.

Bigger and bigger as Free Irish Jokes join the party.

As the headline suggests later I started to add some jokes about paddy and mick or as you know them Irish jokes. As you should have guessed by now even though I am spending thousand of hours gathering, collating and uploading these jokes the site still remains free. The section of Irish jokes and funny pictures has gone down well with the visitors to the site so over the days , months and years I will continue to grow this section of the site with the best and funniest jokes funny pictures and hilarious stories about the Irish. So come along and enjoy the humour some of it adult but all of it FREE.

It was much easier then to get your website up the ranks with Google and Yahoo and most of the other search engines. I uploaded my website full of the best Joke or all kind for adult and all still free.

If you like your jokes rude then this is the section for you. You do not have to be 18 and over to view these jokes even though some of the humour is very adult, nasty, rude, dirty, and naughty. I am not your mother and its not my responsibility to censor what you view on the internet. So feel free to view at the best collection of free adult jokes anywhere on line, and if you are not 18 we did warn you. The problem now a days I that if your page does not have over 2000 words on it  then Google will just skip by and not rank the site. Google thinks it is helping but really it is just being and ass. I could have the best site in the internet with all the best jokes and funny pictures making the other sites look like a bag of shite but because I dont have tones of fucking words spouting shit about the site you wont be able to find it because Google thinks its a shit site just for that reason. But Google is so big now it rules the world and if you dont bow to the shit that they put out you cant have your website ranking. Sorry for the rant but my site is the very best for all free adult jokes and the bully boy search engine wont rank it.

Free Adult Jokes

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