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I have just got off the phone with God, He wants to know if my Free Adult Jokes Website is finished yet. Well God I said to him the site will never be finished because to make it the biggest site for Free Adult jokes and Humour I have to add more Rude Pictures and Jokes every day FOREVER.

Free Adult joke about the missus.

I was shagging the wife last night when she started moaning that we never have normal s*x anymore and I am obsessed with doing it like in porn movies,

Typical of her to start an argument in front of all my mates.

Free adult sick joke about the office junior The new office junior at my works is a nice lad I said to  the wife but he does have a awful skin condition.

Is it acne she asked.

No I replied he,s bl*ck.

Free joke about cheeky kids.

The kids keep taking the piss out of my Alzheimer.

Wait till they wake up on Christmas morning and find no eggs under the tree.

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